Photographer   Jayson Brinkler


Jayson Brinkler, a musician first became involved in photography in 1988, when he bought a camera to photograph the musicians and people around him. It was this encounter with the camera that he discovered his fascination in recording people.

Now with a Degree in graphic design & photography, Jayson Brinkler’s work is now among the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery, the London Transport Museum, the Dublin City Archive, the archives of the Royal Star and Garter and the National Army Museum.

Jayson Brinkler’s work has explored his subjects in great depth and his close-up approach to his portraits is evidently apparent, concentrating exclusively on the face and nothing else. Their face becomes a landscape, moulded by life itself.” Jayson Brinkler’s work is about documenting the human condition, exploring human presence and capturing the essence of life.

Although Jayson Brinkler has photographed the famous, he prefers to focus on ordinary people who have experienced real life and recording their personal life’s history. His previous work has focused on subjects including the London Homeless, Artists, the faces of film, music & television, Film Directors, a study on the human form of babies, capturing the first moments of human existence, the people of Luxor exploring the human condition and culture of the Egyptian people and is currently working on his forthcoming book ‘Centenarians’ documenting the lives of 100 living Centenarians who have witnessed the entire 20th Century. He is also working on a project entitled ‘Born Survivors’ focusing on people who have survived major events in history and has already included Millvina Dean, The last survivor of the Titanic and Holocaust survivor Bob Obuchowski.

Jayson Brinkler has exhibited work at the National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Academy of Art, The Marlare Theatre, Canterbury, and has featured on BBC’s Blue Peter. His clients include the Sunday Times Magazine, the Independent on Sunday, Kazoo, Max Power Magazine, Contact Magazine, West Ham United Hospitality, Crystal Palace FC, Prima Baby Magazine, @architect and Schwarzkof. During 2014 Jayson Brinkler received the Freedom of the City of London.

all photographs Ⓒ Jayson Brinkler


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